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Windlab is a signatory to the Clean Energy Council’s Best Practice Charter for Renewable Energy Projects.

The Charter provides a leading-practice framework for renewable energy companies to collaborate with stakeholders to ensure projects protect community, environmental and cultural values, and deliver the meaningful and sustainable regional development initiatives that make a difference in the lives of local people.

Windlab’s priority is to build respectful, trusting, and mutually beneficial partnerships with the regional Australian communities that host our projects. Through our leading-practice approach to community consultation and engagement, we aim to support local people to shape the direction of renewable energy developments in their communities and provide opportunities for locals to participate in the development of Windlab’s projects in a way that is meaningful to them.

Local collaboration driving meaningful outcomes

The success of our business relies on strong, long-term relationships, and the delivery of equitable socio-economic benefits that make a difference in the lives of local people in regional and rural Australia.

The South Queensland Renewable Generation Hub’s projects are early in the development process. Over the past year we’ve worked with regional stakeholders to build an understanding of local priorities, while we validate the region’s renewable energy resource potential and complete the early technical work required to support confidence and clarity as we engage with communities.

Our team will be on the ground in the region from November 2023 to begin early community consultation. Our focus is on collaborating with the people who know the region best to shape a responsible project design informed by community insight and support equitable benefits that matter to local people.

As we work through development and progress regulatory approvals, we will continue seek stakeholder insights and provide opportunities for feedback.

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Unlocking regional benefits

The Western Downs and Banana Shire regions are ideally positioned to benefit from the renewable energy transition, with high value renewable energy resources, land-use compatibility, good foundational infrastructure and access, and a skilled industrial workforce ready to support project construction.

The first project to be developed within the Hub is a 1.4GW wind energy project that will create up to 600 jobs during construction, and inject hundreds of millions of dollars into the regional economy through local employment and supply and contracting opportunities, once approved.

Windlab manages construction of our own projects which gives us flexibility in how we contract. Our adaptive procurement approach supports sustainable opportunities for local people and businesses to participate in the delivery of our projects aligned with regional capacity.

Engaging early in the development phase gives us the opportunity to work with locals to understand interest and capacity within the region, how we can support local skills development and opportunities for local businesses.

Our consultation process also informs the development of a Community Benefit Fund which will support sustainable community development initiatives that matter to local people.

Our commitment to First Nations engagement

Windlab supports opportunities for Traditional Owners to participate in the development of our projects, and demonstrate respect for First Nations culture, knowledge and agency in everything we do. In this way, Windlab aims to support First Nations Australians to shape the direction of renewable energy developments on Country and across Australia.

Our focus is to ensure open and transparent consultation, protection of Cultural Heritage and provide equitable opportunities that acknowledge the region’s First Nations histories and connections to Country.

The clean energy transition is a priority focus for all levels of government in Australia. We see an enormous opportunity for the ‘Renewable Generation’ to empower First Nations Peoples through employment, procurement, and business engagement in the sector.

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